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What to Do If Your California Business Is Facing an EEOC Lawsuit

No employer wants to face an EEOC lawsuit. Unfortunately, it happens every day. 

As an employer, getting a discrimination complaint can be a real blow. Maybe you didn’t know it was happening, or maybe you knew it was the employee’s fault. Either way, getting a complaint from a federal agency can be scary.

First, you want to talk to a California attorney who can handle this situation and protect your business. They will insist on a workplace investigation. It can mean a federal investigation or even a lawsuit for small business owners.

You’ll need to take every step to protect yourself and your business. Keep reading to learn what to do if facing an EEOC lawsuit in California. 

What is an EEOC lawsuit?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the federal agency that looks into workplace discrimination claims. Employees who think they’ve been mistreated must file a complaint within 180 days with the EEOC regarding the alleged discrimination. The EEOC then notifies the employer of the complaint within ten days of receiving it.

As an employer, getting accused of discrimination can be challenging. Maybe you didn’t know it was happening within your business. Or you know the employee is retaliating after getting demoted or fired.

Regardless of the circumstances, you’ll need to respond to the complaint.

Understand California EEOC Laws

California EEO laws contain a long list of complex laws that prohibit discrimination. These laws are based on allegations of the following:

  • race
  • sex
  • pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions
  • age (40 and over)
  • ancestry
  • color
  • religious creed
    • religious dress
    • grooming practices
  • denial of the Family and Medical Care Leave Act
  • disability
  • marital status
  • medical condition
  • genetic information
  • national origin
  • gender
    • gender identity
    • gender expression
    • sexual orientation 

If you’ve been accused of these infractions, you’ll need the best workplace investigation services to help present your side of the case. You do not want to challenge an EEOC lawsuit in California without doing a thorough investigation.

Respond to the Complaint 

The investigator may ask you for documents, for interviews, for a conference, or an on-the-spot check. Depending on the details you provide, they may be able to drop the charge.

If you need more time to answer questions or have questions, contact the investigator. The EEOC may give you more time or change the information request depending on the situation.

Mediation vs. Lawsuit

Once you receive an EEOC complaint in California, you’ll have to determine if you want to go through mediation or pursue a lawsuit. Your workplace investigation is crucial to making that decision. 

Mediation may be the best route if the investigation determines the employee may have been discriminated against, inadvertently or intentionally.

Choosing the Right Service

Choosing the right workplace investigation service to prevent an EEOC lawsuit is crucial. The investigation report will provide crucial information to help you and your attorney make the best decisions.

If you’ve received an EEOC lawsuit in California, we’re here to help. Click here to learn more about our services that can help you fight your case.

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