Attorney Services

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Attorney Services

Irrespective of whether a large trial firm with complex cases needs critical surveillance or due diligence, or a boutique practice with occasional needs is looking for an excellent investigator, we are ready to assist with detailed, professional investigations.

From research to fieldwork, all of our field agents are former law enforcement agents and have the experience to assist in almost any matter.

Who Needs Attorney Services?

We are a professional, trustworthy, and results-focused private investigations team, and we are ready to assist firms in the greater California area. We provide our services to attorneys who need the following:

  • Comprehensive asset investigations and searches
  • Location of defendants or witnesses
  • Covert surveillance for personal injury or family law investigations
  • Due diligence, pre-litigation asset discovery, post-litigation recovery, or assistance vetting a business opportunity or business partner
  • Digital forensics including physical equipment evidence retrieval and eDiscovery

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