Professional Attorney Services

Najar Investigators provides various professional attorney services, including:

  1. Locating missing persons or witnesses:  Our Private Investigators we can help locate missing persons or witnesses in legal cases, which can be beneficial to attorneys in terms of gathering evidence or preparing their case.
  2. Conducting background checks: We can conduct thorough background checks on individuals or businesses involved in a legal case. This information can be beneficial to attorneys during the discovery process.
  3. Surveillance: Our Private Investigators can conduct surveillance on individuals or businesses to gather evidence for a legal case. This can include monitoring activity or gathering visual evidence.
  4. Asset searches: Our team of Private Investigators can conduct asset searches to help attorneys determine whether an individual or business has the financial means to pay damages or settlements in a legal case.
  5. Interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence: Our Private Investigators can interview witnesses, gather evidence, and locate records that can be useful to attorneys in a legal case.


It’s important to note that we do not provide legal advice or represent clients in court. However, our services can be a valuable resource for attorneys during the investigative and preparation stages of a legal case.

Irrespective of whether a large trial firm with complex cases needs critical analysis, investigation or due diligence, or a boutique practice with occasional needs is looking for an excellent investigator, we are ready to assist with detailed, professional investigations.

We provide the best attorney services here in the United States and worldwide.