About Us

Najar Investigations is a full-service investigations firm licensed and insured in the State of California and Arizona, however. we continue to provided investigative services throughout the globe.

Our investigators are active or honorably retired law enforcement detectives, with impeccable background and extensive investigative experience. All of our investigations are conducted confidentially, with integrity and professionalism.

Najar Investigations was founded in 2012 by Mohammed Najar, a disabled United States military veteran, Mohammed worked in law enforcement for over two decades and has investigative experience with both local and state agencies. Based on his years of experience working in the judicial system, he saw a need for this level of experience to be shared with the public. By working as a private investigator, he recognized that he could protect and serve his client’s interests.

We realize that utilizing the services of a private investigator for the first time can be an unnerving experience. Allow yourself the comfort of knowing that you have active or retired law enforcement working for you. Najar Investigations offers you the experience, knowledge and training you can trust. We make sure your needs are met. All of our investigations are conducted with the strictest confidentiality to protect your privacy, while complying with all Federal and State Privacy Laws.

Bilingual investigators are available who are fluent in Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. All of our investigators are licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

Why Utilize a Private Investigation Firm

Najar Investigations can help in the reviewing of cases due to the overburdened law enforcement for several reasons:

  1. Additional Resources: We have additional resources that are not available to law enforcement agencies. This includes forensic experts, technology and software, and databases that can help in the review of cases.
  2. Flexibility: We are flexible in their working hours and can work on a case on a 24/7 basis. This can help move the case along quickly and avoid any delays.
  3. Maneuverability: Our private investigation firm can have greater maneuverability when reviewing a case. They can go into greater detail and investigate areas that law enforcement agencies may not have the time or resources to pursue.
  4. Experience: Private investigators within our firm have experience in dealing with a wide range of cases, from fraud to missing persons to criminal investigations. This expertise can help in the review of cases and ensure that all angles are covered.
  5. Confidentiality: We always strive to maintain confidentiality during the review of a case, which may not be possible for law enforcement agencies due to their public profile and obligations.
Overall, private investigation firms can help with the review of cases by providing additional resources, flexibility, maneuverability, experience, and confidentiality that can complement the work of law enforcement agencies. Najar Investigations can be the private investigation firm for you or your firm.

We are headquartered in Murrieta, California. However we offer our services globally.