Fraud Investigation Services

Resolving any case of fraud is no simple task. Doing so successfully requires deep and extensive knowledge, skills and experience of the fraud investigators involved. 

We have years of extensive experience in dealing with and resolving fraud issues. As a result of our ability to handle fraud cases with accuracy, precision, integrity and focus, we have established ourselves as a firm with an unparalleled reputation.

Our reputation speaks for itself. With extensive experience and training in gathering covert and overt information with proper statistical analysis, our Investigators complete and resolve fraud investigations quickly and efficiently.

We access all the facts and compile them through graphical representation. Facts and information are compiled in informative reports to help our clients gain valuable insights from the information and understand every aspect.

Accurate Fraud Investigation Service In Southwest United States

Corporate crime is on the rise and is a problem that every organization, big or small, needs to solve. The impact of commercial crime can include significant financial losses, regulatory and compliance violations, and even criminal prosecution. We all know that management prepares financial statements to portray the best view of organization accounts rather than an original and accurate one. This is where our fraud inspection services come into play, as we offer Prompt Fraud Investigation Services in California and Arizona, to prevent global conglomerates against potential risks and fraud.

Our fraud investigation panel has a perfect blend of auditors’, lawyers’, and data analysts’ experience who continually engage in professional development initiatives to stay up to date with changing business trends. We ensure that our staff members possess the professional skepticism and judgment required to detect fraud or financial discrepancies.

Independent Fraud Investigation Services

Fraud and financial misconduct are undeniable in the modern globalized business landscape. The average American organization suffers an estimated 5% annual revenue loss due to fraud. Consequently, companies are increasingly interested in assessing and managing fraud risk to help protect their bottom line. In addition, regulators are increasingly demanding more active and comprehensive fraud risk management. Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. The proven Fraud Investigation Services we offer can protect you and your company.

Fraud costs individuals and businesses billions of dollars each year and can take several forms. The investigation of fraud or potential fraud may require extensive database searches, review of public records, document retrieval, witness location, interview and statement taking, and surveillance, as well as the use of other investigative tools.

How Does It Work?

By leveraging our in-house knowledge and experience of fraud/risk expertise, we can help clients identify business areas vulnerable to fraud and misconduct. We can also help clients assess and prioritize their fraud risk and combine meaningful anti-fraud actions with helping mitigate risk and enable effective and consistent fraud prevention. Our mission is to provide you with the accurate and reliable information/evidence/facts necessary to verify or disprove suspected fraud.

Fraud in organizations is not new. Financial theft and criminal activity in business are as old as business itself. Continual advances in technology mean ongoing and increasing risks of corruption. With the rise of fraud, your organization is exposed to significant legal risks and billions of dollars in losses. Therefore, it is necessary to act and protect your business. We’re here to help! With fraud investigation services, as we oversee everything from corporate investigations to ongoing due diligence.

Improving Your Financial Health Through Advanced Investigation Skills

Corporate crime is on the rise and is a problem that every organization, big or small, needs to prepare for and solve. The impact of commercial crime can include significant financial losses, regulatory and compliance violations, and even criminal prosecution. Our certified professionals have experience in many areas, including fraud risk reduction and prevention advice, money laundering, reporting, theft, monitoring and corruption. They offer proactive solutions while providing Fraud Investigation Services in California and Arizona and are responsive to your most pressing long-standing issues.

We commence Fraud Investigations with a face-to-face meeting, e-mail, our encrypted online case opening, or just by your call to our office. The details regarding the type of fraud suspected and any existing evidence should be provided to us as your Private Investigators. As the saying goes, “Nothing means nothing until it means something.” That means your job is to provide us with as much information as you have, whether you think it is relevant or not. Even the smallest detail could be key to solving the case.

Who needs fraud investigation services?

If you think you are facing any fraud or being betrayed by a person you trust, you are in sheer need of our fraud investigation services in Southwest United States. The precision, accuracy, skills, knowledge and years of experience of Najar Investigations helps clients resolve fraud cases and empowers them against further fraud.

Get The Assistance Of Professionals

At Najar Investigations, we provide the finest, proven fraud investigation services. Get the assistance of highly skilled professionals and allow us to detect fraudulent activities around you. We gather the facts and provide what is relevant to you or your organization. Give us a call for further assistance.

Why Choose Us

Any organization or individual who has been a victim of or suspects fraud will find value in our fraud investigations. There are many types of fraud that we help our clients resolve. All of these require a specialized team to detect and inspect them.

To assist our clients, we offer the following fraud investigation services:

  • Corporate fraud investigations
  • Proper verification of the paperwork relating to a fraudulent transaction
  • Asset search and recovery
  • Insurance fraud investigations
  • Extensive background checks
  • Advanced techniques of surveillance like surveillance cameras or covert audio recordings

For any organizations or individuals needing these services, we offer unprecedented levels of service while maintaining the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

Contact us to learn more about our extensive fraud investigation services