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How a Private Investigator Can Help Your Divorce Case

In 2021, close to 700,000 divorces occurred in the United States. But despite the high number of divorce cases, it’s not always easy to terminate a marriage.

If you want to leave your spouse, you must bring a divorce case. The biggest challenge is that you’ll have to present reasons why divorce should be granted.

Sometimes, you might need a private investigator to help you fight your divorce case.

Here’s what you need to know:

Proving Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the grounds for a divorce case. But if you haven’t caught your partner red-handed, then mere suspicion won’t do. 

You can consider hiring a private investigator for surveillance purposes. They’ll try to prove that you’ve got a cheating spouse. You can then use this evidence in a divorce case.

Helping With a Custody Battle

Now, what happens when kids are involved? How do you ensure you have more custody rights or full custody rights?

This is another service where a private investigator can help you. They can gather evidence to prove that you’re a responsible parent. Sometimes, they can prove that your spouse isn’t as trustworthy.

Private investigators will gather evidence to showcase your spouse’s lifestyle. This can prove their irresponsibility, for example, if they drink often, don’t work, etc.

This can be crucial for winning a custody battle. It’s crucial if you feel that your children won’t be safe or comfortable with your spouse.

Investigation Methods

Now let’s look at some methods a private investigator uses to help you with your divorce case.

The first method is financial tracking. With this process, an investigator will examine your spouse’s financial records. This can be used as evidence to speed up the divorce process.

For example, if their bank statements show excessive debts, this can be grounds for a custody battle.

Another method is social media monitoring. The investigator will look at your spouse’s social media profiles. Based on what they see, they can prepare a divorce case.

For example, they might find private messages between their spouse and partner. This can prove that you’ve got a cheating spouse. This service is becoming increasingly important for the divorce process.

As long as the evidence is obtained legally, it can be used in divorce court.

Private investigators won’t give you legal advice, but their evidence might be what your divorce lawyer needs to fight the case.

Hire a Private Investigator for Your Divorce Case

Now you know the benefits of hiring a private investigator to help you fight your divorce case.

They’ll help with proving infidelity. They’ll use surveillance techniques to follow your spouse and investigate if they’re cheating on you. An investigator is also crucial for fighting custody battles.

They’ll use several strategies, including financial tracking and social media monitoring. Their evidence can help you and your legal team fight your divorce case.

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