Surveillance Investigation

Our teams of Investigators have years of undercover law enforcement experience, and our Agents have the technical equipment and expertise to get photographic and video evidence in any situation.


They are some of the best in the business when it comes to the craft of surveillance and they are dedicated to the practice, which makes us stand out from our competitors. In fact, our Investigators are so skilled that other local and national private firms contract surveillance tasks to us.

Our team has the skills, knowledge and experience to conduct true covert surveillance without being compromised. For our clients this means they get the evidence they need, when they need it.

Who needs surveillance investigation services?

Any individual or organization who needs information or evidence regarding another individual or company needs effective and efficient surveillance investigation services.

Some of the disputes in which our surveillance agents and evidence can be used include:

  • Infidelity and cheating spouse investigations
  • Child support and child custody cases
  • Corporate theft or AOE/COE investigations
  • Workers’ compensation cases
  • Cohabitation investigations
  • Personal injury cases

Typically, we use the following equipment and strategies to provide our clients with the best surveillance investigation services:


  • Camera and video equipment: we use both large-format long-range lenses and night vision video to capture evidence from a distance
  • Hidden cameras and remote or static cameras: we have an extensive range of hidden cameras and remote cameras that allow us to get evidence from close quarters
  • We remain covert and undetectable: we’re able to blend in anywhere no matter the place or the circumstances
  • Aerial surveillance assets: we’re able to conduct aerial surveillance when required

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