Key Reasons to Consider a Private Investigator Asset Search

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more-cryptocurrency is the latest hidden assets trend, with up to 20 million Americans owning crypto.

But it’s not the only way to hide assets. Cheating spouses, shady business partners, fraudsters: They all have a bundle of tricks up their sleeves.

And a private eye can be the game-changer you need.

Read on to understand the innate potential of a private investigator asset search.

Private Investigator Asset Search

Asset searches are, in a nutshell, an unveiling of a person’s financial and personal assets.

This includes both tangible and intangible properties. Real estate and cars are easy to prove. Often, though, it’s the intangible assets like stocks, bonds, and offshore bank accounts that prove to be the stick in the mud.

Asset searches provide insight that’s often invaluable in legal disputes.

Infidelity and Trust: Empowering Individuals

Intimate or not, trust is the bedrock of any relationship.

Betrayal of that trust is devastating. Whether you’re dealing with infidelity in a relationship or the disloyalty of a business partner, a private investigator asset search can help you heed the cold, hard facts.

If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets in a divorce, an asset search can show you what you’re dealing with. Similarly, if you suspect a business partner of wrongdoing, an asset search can reveal the extent of their vice.

But it’s not just about exposing deceit.

Understanding each type of asset involved (and the value of hidden assets) can help you make rational decisions. Whether it’s deciding to fight for a fair share in a divorce or dissolving a business partnership, the power to decide is in your hands.

Law Firms and Legal Strategies

Picture this: You’re a lawyer preparing for a contentious divorce. You suspect your client’s spouse is hiding assets to skirt around a fair settlement.

This is another situation where private asset searches strengthen your strategy.

By uncovering hidden assets, you ensure your client is treated fairly. And for the non-lawyers out there, asset searches can be pivotal in debt recovery. By allowing you to determine a debtor’s means to pay, you can devise an effective repayment plan.

Plus, in corporate litigation, understanding the type of assets involved will influence the outcome. For example, knowing a company has substantial real estate holdings could influence your legal strategy. Thus, an asset search isn’t just a tool-it’s a vital weapon.

Insurance Sector

Fraudulent claims abound across the insurance sector.

They’re a drain on time and resources. They’re a drain on energy and motivation, too. So, if you suspect a claimant is exaggerating, an asset search can unearth much-needed proof.

Beyond fraud detection, asset searches aid in subrogation cases. By determining what assets the at-faulty party owns, you can determine whether it makes financial sense to pursue a subrogation claim.

The Power of the Private Investigator

From law firms and insurers to the sanctity of marriage, a private investigator asset search provides information and insight that isn’t available to the naked eye. They uncover hidden assets and verify a party’s means to pay.

And, when conducted ethically, they respect individual privacy and uphold the spirit of the law.

Licensed across California and Arizona, Najar Investigations employs former law enforcement professionals with extensive experience. Learn the extent of our services here.

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