Professional Criminal Investigation Services

The main goal of the detective and prosecutor working on a criminal case is to secure a conviction. Our understanding of this philosophy enables us to work with criminal defense attorneys to mount the best defense possible.

Criminal investigations are every bit as involved and need as much expertise as law enforcement investigations, and that’s why we employ active and retired law enforcement personnel with criminal investigation backgrounds.

As a result, we know prosecution teams’ perspectives, processes and tactics. This experience enables us to use the strategies and tools necessary to secure an acquittal where a defense attorney alone may struggle to do so.

Criminal Investigation

Najar Investigations, a fully trusted and bonded private detective agency, collects data and researches the background of a specific case to save falsely accused people from unjust court punishments. Our private detective personnel are retired law enforcement professionals who have sharp eyes and intuition to identify clues, interrogate the witnesses, examine the crime scene and reveal the truth. We provide criminal investigation services to mount a successful defense for our clients who have been impeached for something they have not committed. Our private firm has empowered many people who wanted to reveal the truth and find the real culprit.

Criminal Investigation Services

We deal with all the challenges that lead you to punishment for non-committed actions by making inquiries discreetly. At Najar Investigations, our highly experienced and retired law enforcement personnel tackle all the problems involved while investigating, interrogating and inquiring to discover hidden truths. Our team efficiently handles everything in a client’s favor, whether he/she has been accused of theft or prosecuted for something they did not commit. We have devised a complete strategy from start to end and, thus, help our clients find the evidence to prove their innocence. Our criminal investigation services in a rigorous discipline bring that you’re looking for.

No Clue Remains Invisible

From the interrogation of suspects to the pursuit of clues at the crime scene, we do it all right using our wisdom and an ensemble of proven, reliable methods. Our team digs deeper and focuses on every element that can pave the way to finding an actual crime perpetrator. No matter how sharp a culprit is, our team will work to put the offender behind bars via focus and determination to create justice for our clients. We have the best criminal investigation services that you can choose to save your dignity and prove your innocence.

We Prove Your Wrongful Conviction

We are here to assist in proving your innocence and integrity by showcasing strong evidence and finding the offender. Our team of sharp investigators leaves no stone unturned to discern the clues and identify who committed the crime. Exclusively dedicated criminal investigators with our firm stand by your side until the court frees you with the utmost respect and no penalty. Our uncompromised inquiry processes reveal an ensemble of solid shreds of evidence to show your irrelevance in the crime. We stand in professionalism by providing exceptional criminal investigation services every step of the way.

Who needs criminal investigations?

We are here to assist any accused persons to mount a successful defense. As such, our criminal defense investigations may include:

  • Client consultation
  • Initial review of the case details
  • Obtaining copies of police reports
  • Review and analysis of documents and evidence
  • Review of prior witness statements
  • Witness interviews and re-interviews
  • Seeking out new witnesses and evidence
  • Comprehensive report preparation
  • Courtroom testimony where necessary

Throughout the above, we will review all documents and discoveries, scrutinize every report, analyze all evidence and uncover any flaws or weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

We are experts at re-interviewing existing witnesses. We use the information on every available database system, along with canvassing the neighborhoods/areas in question, in an attempt to discover any additional witnesses or evidence that may be crucial to a client’s defense.

For more information on our criminal investigations, contact us.