Asset Search Investigation

Our asset search investigations enable us to identify and track down assets like:

● Real estate and physical property
● Boats, cars, and other vehicles
● And many more

We provide our industry-leading asset search services through the use of our updated top-line databases. We also have access to intelligence sources throughout:

● United States of America
● China
● Europe
● Canada
● Central and South America
● The Virgin Islands

Our Private Investigators have many years of experience as specialized financial investigators. As such, they know and understand what’s needed to prove any case and go far beyond what many other investigators can offer.

As such, we pride ourselves on the ability to trace difficult accounts and uncover hidden assets.

Who needs asset search investigations?

Asset Search Investigations may be necessary for any organizations or individuals in a variety of scenarios including:

● Pre-litigation investigations to establish whether a lawsuit is worth pursuing
● Civil cases including family law cases and estate cases
● Bankruptcy cases to establish whether the assets disclosed are accurate
● Judgment recoveries for amounts due pursuant to a judgment

We offer the full range of these asset search investigations, including those for pre-litigation and post-litigation claims, and all of our searches are Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (federal law) compliant.

Moreover, in most cases, all we need is a name and date of birth or some other form of identifying information.

For more information on our asset investigations services, contact us.