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Background Investigation

A background check is an investigation into a person’s professional and personal history that validates or disproves their character and identity.


A typical background check includes criminal records, education and employment history, civil records, references, and more depending on the situation and individual.


Criminal Investigation

The main goal of the detective and prosecutor working on a criminal case is to secure a conviction. We understand this philosophy, and this enables us to work with criminal defense attorneys to mount the best defense possible.

Criminal investigations are every bit as involved and need as much expertise as law enforcement investigations and that’s why we employ active and retired law enforcement personnel with criminal investigation backgrounds.


Asset Search Investigation

Our investigators have many years of experience as specialized financial investigators. As such, they know and understand what’s needed to prove any case and they go far beyond what many other private investigators can offer.

As such, we pride ourselves on the ability to trace difficult accounts and uncover hidden assets.


Attorney Services

Irrespective of whether a large trial firm with complex cases needs critical surveillance or due diligence, or a boutique practice with occasional needs is looking for an excellent investigator, we are ready to assist with detailed, professional investigations.

From research to fieldwork, all of our field agents are former law enforcement agents and have the experience to assist in almost any matter.


Missing Persons Investigation

Many law enforcement agencies do not have the time or the resources to conduct extensive and continuous searches for missing persons or children. This is worrying, especially considering that these cases are very prevalent, with over 420,000 children reported missing or exploited in 2018 alone.

We can solve this problem. With our child abduction and missing persons investigations, we work in conjunction with law enforcement agencies or are able to conduct investigations independently and discreetly.


Due Diligence Investigation

For companies involved with Initial Public Offering (IPO), mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, partnership deals, and countless other business scenarios, due diligence investigations are vital.

Due diligence investigations can uncover the past actions and dealings of a company. This enables clients to make more sound investment decisions.


Elder Abuse Investigation

Elder abuse is generally the mistreatment of an elderly person by someone known to the senior (sixty-five years or older). This can take place in many different forms from financial abuse to physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect.

Because the perpetrators are often family members, close friends, and caregivers of the senior, it makes discovery or disclosure of the abuse challenging. Also, due to the close relationships, the financial, physical, and emotional abuse is often difficult to accept.


Family Law

We take custody, cohabitation, infidelity, and other family law cases seriously. We take pride in the fact that our track record in obtaining strong evidence, as well as financial intelligence, has resulted in numerous cases concluding in favor of our clients.


Family law investigations may be one of the most important and critical moments not only in a child’s life but in a client’s. We want to take the time to understand what the situation is, determine the best course of action, and remain calm while understanding the distressing time our client is going through.


Fraud Investigation

Resolving any case of fraud is not a simple task, and it depends on the knowledge, skills, and experience of the fraud investigators involved. This experience also makes reporting on the fraud more complete and extensive.

Here, we have years of extensive experience in dealing with matters that involve fraud. We handle these cases with the utmost care and attention. As a result of our ability to handle fraud cases with accuracy, precision, and concentration, we have established ourselves as a firm with an unparalleled reputation.


Infidelity Investigation

The suspicion that a spouse is unfaithful is sadly all too common. More worrying is the fact that these suspicions are often correct. Statistics show that wives who suspect their husbands of cheating are correct 85% of the time, while husbands who suspect their wives of cheating are correct 50% of the time.

We have a team of well-trained investigators who have extensive experience in infidelity investigations who can confirm these suspicions. They’re able to find more information and evidence in less time, and as a result, are capable of finalizing investigations quickly and efficiently.


Process Service

We can take the most difficult cases and ensure successful service. We are able to achieve this because our investigators are highly experienced skip-trace experts that consistently deliver results on the most difficult cases. This extensive experience of over 15 years has helped us cement our reputation in the industry.

As such, we offer only the highest quality of service and innovative methods to make even the most challenging cases possible. Also, we are legally licensed and certified, and we excel in immediate and special handlings while also providing informative updates and timely turnaround services especially.


Security Services

Najar Security Services is a full-service security firm licensed and insured in the State of California. Our professional staff are active or honorably retired law enforcement and military personnel.

The vision of Najar Security Services, is to provide a specialized suite of world-class and industry-leading security services for residential, commercial and institutional customers around the globe.


Surveillance Investigation

Our teams of investigators have years of undercover law enforcement experience, and our agents have the technical equipment and expertise to get photographic and video evidence in any situation.

Our team has the skills, knowledge, and experience to conduct true covert surveillance without being compromised. For our clients this means they get the evidence they need, when they need it.


Skiptrace-Locate Investigation

It is a simple fact: some people do not want to be found, especially in the case of disputes. This makes it challenging, if not nearly impossible, to serve processes to them, and they may evade going to court.

For any clients facing this challenge, we are here to help them find their key witness, defendant, or a person of interest.


Bug Sweep

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures) Debugging Bug Sweeps can reduce the risk of or eliminate critical information leaks. These bug sweeps are critical because interceptions may happen, and when they do, the potential loss to clients can be devastating.


These information leaks can also happen when bad actors monitor a client’s business meetings, discussions with their attorneys, or personal conversations. We offer our clients secure solutions for discovering eavesdropping and espionage activities in their organizations before any critical information is leaked.


Workplace Investigation

Human Resource Managers have a lot of responsibilities, including the unenviable task of conducting workplace investigations, commonly referred to as HR investigations or workplace investigations.


At Najar Investigations we conduct proper workplace investigations to ensure that clients fully understand and can manage their situation. The simple fact is if they fail to do so, it could leave their organization vulnerable to claims and large legal settlements from lawsuits.

Reviews From Our Clients

I would like to thank Najar Investigations for all the help they provided me, I would highly recommend them. They called me back promptly and were very professional also provided me with many suggestions for my situation.
Charlene F.
Mr. Najar worked with diligence and professionalism. He took the sensitivity of my matter seriously and left me with the confidence to trust his business as honest and ending with sufficient results, no matter the outcome. There’s no need for me to go elsewhere for a second opinion nor will there be any other investigator I would ever be inquiring from. Thank you very much Najar investigations. I look forward to our business in the future.
Yvonne G.
Najar Investigations is very organized and thorough. Mohammed is the epitome of a professional who is very skilled and knowledgable on his field. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family!
J. Marlowe B.

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