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When you face any allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, theft, workplace violence, or other allegations of improper or unlawful conduct in the workplace, you can count on Najar Investigations, as we offer prompt workplace investigation services. Our qualified and certified professionals possess the required resources to protect you from workplace bullying and harassment. We take tremendous pride in delivering our clients with high-quality, personalized workplace investigation services that will ensure that you, the employer, can follow a compliant, consistent and reliable course of action. Our professional investigators provide an unbiased, fair, structured, and rigorous assessment of the evidence related to an allegation or series of accusations.

We provide our customers with various investigation services, from dealing with informal complaints to significant and complex formal investigations. We are experienced in dealing with operational to senior executive and board-level complaints, including liaising with unions involved in representing parties who have made a complaint. Our independent workplace investigations are not limited to evidentiary issues. Still, they can also provide insight into the underlying causes of the complaint, such as lack of capacity, cultural matters, process failures, and high-risk management styles.

Workplace Investigation Services

Allegations of misconduct and complaints in the workplace can put any employer or employee in a very vulnerable position and cause a lot of frustration for everyone involved. If not handled through a fair and transparent process, things can quickly escalate, leading to broken relationships and an unproductive work environment. That is why we started Najar Investigations to provide excellent workplace investigation services, available 24/7, 365 days a year. We have a half-century of experience facilitating people in securing justice that they rightfully deserve.

Our professionals’ legal training, interpersonal and interview skills, temperament, in-depth knowledge of labor laws, and labor claims experience provide the framework for high-quality, thorough, and impartial investigations. Conducting adequate research allows employers to make informed decisions, dramatically reduces the likelihood of litigation, and can significantly limit an employer’s liability for the underlying conduct.

Workplace Investigation

Human Resource Managers have a lot of responsibilities, including the unenviable task of conducting workplace investigations, commonly referred to as HR investigations or workplace investigations.


At Najar Investigations we conduct proper workplace investigations to ensure that clients fully understand and can manage their situation. The simple fact is if they fail to do so, it could leave their organization vulnerable to claims and large legal settlements from lawsuits.

We Do It As Nobody Else Do

Investigations are necessary for various work situations. When allegations of harassment are made, the Occupational Safety and Health Act requires that an “appropriate to the circumstances” investigation be carried out. We apply contingency theory in all our investigations because we believe this technique can obtain transparent inquiries and results. While simple issues can sometimes be investigated internally, employers often prefer objectivity and skills demonstrated by external investigators. Our experienced workplace investigators provide fast, efficient, and cost-effective services, which may be limited to fact-finding or may include legal advice, depending on the employer’s or our customer’s needs.

Creating Peace Of Mind Through Our Quality Service

Workplace investigations can be time-consuming and stressful for employers and employees, undermining a productive work environment. We provide precise workplace investigation services, Santa Monica, available to everyone on demand. We offer a balanced, neutral, systematic, and efficient approach that yields tangible bottom-line rewards for all customers. Our team investigates all issues, collects and analyzes all evidence, and provides conclusions and recommendations based on sound reasoning and knowledge of applicable law.
At the same time, we comprehend the importance of building trust between employees and employers. We strive to conduct investigations so that everyone involved has confidence in the process and feels that they have been heard. This often involves the investigator presenting the investigation results to the parties involved, either alone or jointly with the employer. As our references show, it is not uncommon for whistleblowers to view the process favorably, even in cases where the complaint has not been validated.

Who needs workplace investigation services?

Any organization or human resources manager who needs to conduct a workplace investigation needs these services.


These investigations are typically conducted when:


  • An employee lodges a complaint
  • An organization faces a lawsuit from the EEOC, ICE, an Employment Lawyer, or other government agencies
  • An organization suspects wrongdoing by an employee and requires proof before the employee’s termination for just cause
  • There are whistleblowing accusations

These situations require a thorough workplace investigation to take place and must be handled carefully from the beginning to avoid legal consequences later.


Some of these investigations may only be fact-finding missions or undertaken to assess whether an employee complaint should result in disciplinary action.


Organizations may also sometimes need internal investigations in situations where they are already facing legal action and need to have all the facts to properly defend themselves in court.


No matter the situation, workplace investigations can be fraught with tension and uncertainty. Clients can protect themselves and their organization!


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