Skip trace-Locate Investigation

It is a simple fact: some people do not want to be found, especially in the case of disputes. This makes it challenging, if not nearly impossible, to serve processes to them, and they may evade going to court.

For any clients facing this challenge, we are here to help them find their key witness, defendant or a person of interest.

Not only do our teams of Investigators have a background in law enforcement, but they also have extensive experience in tracing people in the most challenging situations. They also have access to databases and intelligence resources that many other investigative firms do not.

Who needs skip trace-locate investigations?

For any client having a difficult time contacting an individual or witness, we are here to help. Our highly trained and experienced Investigators can assist with the following:

  • Difficult locates for defendants and witnesses that do not want to be found or accept service of processes
  • Loved ones from their past

To find out more about our Skip Trace-Locate investigations, contact us.