3 Reasons for Hiring a Criminal Investigator

Do you think your partner is cheating on you? Around 70% of married people in the United States don’t consider cheating a marriage deal-breaker.

However, if you’re one of the 30%, you’d want to know whether your spouse was having an affair. One way to get answers is to hire an investigator.

Having all the information in a bad situation is essential to making an informed decision. A criminal investigator can help you in several circumstances and be worth the cost.

Learn three reasons you’d want to enlist the services of criminal investigators by reading this quick overview.

1. You’re Being Cyberbullied

One very pertinent reason to hire a criminal investigator is if you’re being bullied online. Cyberbullies, or trolls, find it easy to be cruel and vindictive online because they hide behind usernames and aliases. Cyberbullying can be a serious problem nowadays with our advanced technology, especially for children and teenagers.

Hiring professional criminal investigation services is one way to determine who the cyberbully is. They will do a criminal investigation into the cyberbully’s digital footsteps. This includes, for example, tracing IP addresses to find the perpetrator’s location.

2. You Need to Run a Background Check

Another reason you may find yourself looking into the services of a criminal investigator is if you need to do a background check on someone or an entity, like a company. Hiring a criminal investigator service means you’ll enlist the services of someone specifically trained to uncover criminal records, restraining orders, and domestic violence charges.

They’ll have access to several databases that you may not be able to access if you were doing your own background check. Furthermore, local criminal investigators will know the laws in your state about what they legally can and cannot do. In comparison, you could find yourself in a lot of legal trouble if you unknowingly do something illegal or unethical.

3. To Help Your Child Custody Case

If you’re going through a messy divorce and are having a custody battle, a criminal investigator can help. After all, the custody process can be overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the law and all the documentation and evidence you may need.

Hiring a criminal investigator means they can help you gather the information you need for a strong custody case. Things criminal investigations can dig up are:

  • Substance abuse issues
  • History of domestic violence
  • Hidden assets
  • History of neglect
  • New romantic partners

A private investigator can also help you track witnesses, interview them, and gather evidence. This can be very helpful in a custody battle, as it can provide you with proof that your ex is not fit to have custody.

Hire the Best Criminal Investigator in Your Area

A criminal investigator can help you in several ways and is sometimes worth spending money on. You may want to hire a professional criminal investigation service to help with your child custody battle, run background checks on individuals or companies, and help track down cyberbullies.

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