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Why You Should Have a Private Investigator Look for Hidden Assets

In family law, assets get divided in cases of divorce, death, and other circumstances. But it’s also in such scenarios when some assets seem invisible.

These are hidden assets. This occurs when a debtor hides assets to avoid paying you. 

This can range from hidden cash to hidden property. You might have a right to ownership of these assets, and the other party hides them from you.

Here’s why a private investigator will help you:

They’ll Start With an Asset Search

Their first step is to start looking for hidden assets. If you suspect any hidden assets, you’ll want to give them an idea of what might be hidden.

For example, you might believe that your spouse is hiding cash. Or perhaps your business partner is hiding business property.

A private investigator will work with your lawyer to help you find any hidden assets. Now, look at a few examples of hidden assets that your private investigator can help find.

Forensic Accounting

What happens if there’s a debtor who owes you money? They might hide bank accounts and their wealth to avoid paying this to you.

They might also hide investment, brokerage, certified deposit accounts, etc.

Sometimes debtors will use fraudulent methods to keep money in their accounts. They’ll create invoices for fake companies and send money to these companies.

But these fake companies have hidden bank accounts that the debtor owns! This is one of the first things a private investigator will investigate using forensic accounting methods among others.

Hidden Property

Next, they’ll look for hidden property, including real estate. Debtors will often try to transfer property titles to their friends or family. 

In theory, they don’t own the property. But in practice, we all know that they still control it. A private investigator will look at the timeline of when the property got transferred.

They’ll also analyze the relationship between the debtor and the new “owner.” They’ll make the case that this transfer was done to avoid paying debts.

Business Assets

At times, a debtor will hold assets in their company’s name. This is often done to avoid their debts and is an effective method.

However, business assets aren’t private information. A private investigator can dig into company records, bank statements, etc., to see if the assets can be tied to the debtor.

Finding hidden assets is a great challenge, but the right private investigator will help you receive what you’re owed.

Find These Hidden Assets

Now you know the benefits of hiring a private investigator to help you find your hidden assets.

Hidden assets can include bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and investment accounts. Additionally, you’ll have to look into real estate and property.

Debtors often hide assets in a company to avoid paying their debts. But the most talented private investigators will still use surveillance find hidden assets among company holdings.

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