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Elder and Senior Abuse Investigation

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Elder & Senior Abuse Investigation

California Penal Code 368 describes elder abuse as being the mistreatment of an elderly person by someone known to the senior (sixty-five years or older). This includes financial abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect.

Elder Abuse happens everywhere-in poor, middle class, and upper income households. It is a problem that has no demographic or ethnic boundaries. Family members, close friends and care givers of the senior are often the culprits of financial, physical, and emotional abuse, this abuse is often difficult to discover and to accept. Due to these close relationships it often makes discovery or disclosure of the abuse difficult.

If you suspect any family member, or loved one, may be the victim of financial abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, or neglect, we may be able to help.

We have years of investigative experience in identifying and helping to prosecute the suspects. If appropriate for the circumstance we can utilize surveillance and/or spy cameras to gather evidence needed for prosecution.

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