Whether you are a large trial firm with complex cases in need of critical surveillance or due diligence, or a boutique practice with occasional need for an excellent investigator, Najar Investigations stands ready to help all of our attorney clients with detailed, professional investigations that represent the quality of them and their practice. We provide the following services to attorneys all over California:

  • Comprehensive Asset Searches
  • Defendant / Witness Locates
  • Covert Surveillance for Personal Injury or Family Law
  • Due Diligence: Pre-litigation asset discovery, Post-litigation recovery, or assistance vetting a business opportunity or business partner.
  • Digital Forensics including physical equipment evidence retrieval and eDiscovery

From research to field work, we have the experience and the access to help in almost any matter.  All of our field agents are former law enforcement detectives with extensive experience, or military veterans from special operations units.

How can we help you and your firm? Give us a call or use our contact form and we will set up a time to talk.