Workplace Investigation

Najar Investigations can assist in a workplace investigation by providing experienced and unbiased investigators who can conduct a thorough investigation to determine the facts surrounding the allegations. They can gather evidence, interview witnesses, and provide a detailed report of their findings.

Najar Investigations can also provide guidance and advice on the appropriate actions to take based on the investigation’s results. This may include disciplinary action, termination of employment, or other appropriate measures.

Utilizing the services of Najar Investigations can help ensure that workplace investigations are conducted impartially, thoroughly, and in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. This can help protect the reputation of the organization, promote a safe and respectful workplace culture, and minimize potential legal liabilities.

Najar Investigation utilizes the following eight (8) steps to conduct a workplace investigation:

  1. Determine the scope and purpose of the investigation: Identify the issues that need to be investigated, who will conduct the investigation, and the specific goals of the investigation.
  2. Notify relevant parties: Advise the employee or employees being investigated, and any other relevant parties such as witnesses, of the investigation.
  3. Gather relevant information: Collect evidence such as documents, emails, and witness statements.
  4. Analyze the evidence: Evaluate the information collected to determine the facts of the case.
  5. Make recommendations: Develop recommendations based on the findings to resolve any identified issues and to prevent future incidents.
  6. Communicate findings and recommendations: Keep all relevant parties informed of the findings and recommendations of the investigation while protecting the confidentiality of any sensitive information.
  7. Take appropriate action: Implement any recommendations made and take the appropriate disciplinary action if necessary.
  8. Follow-up: Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of any corrective actions taken and ensure that the situation has been fully resolved.

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