Najar Investigations is a solid investigation firm, with many years of experience. The Investigators of Najar Investigations are individuals of high integrity and demonstrates a diverse range of capabilities that will afford their clients the best in service and results. I strongly recommend Najar Investigations for businesses or persons in need of investigative, training, and/or security services

Victor B
Chief Executive Officer, Global Security Professional

Najar Investigations handles all our cases in a confidential and professional manner.

Michele B.
Vice President, Physicians for Healthy Hospital

When we were hiring new employees, doing a background search made a big difference. It prevented us from hiring an employee who had a record of series of frivolous lawsuits. When I was terminating an employee, having Najar Investigations handle the background check saved us a lot of headache. THANK YOU.

Jane U.
Vice President, Physicians for Healthy Hospital

Najar Investigations is a detailed and focused Investigation Firm. I have worked with Najar Investigations in different capacities, on different cases and Najar Investigations have always shown a great work ethic and attitude. I highly recommend Najar Investigations.

Yousuf N.
Managing Partner, Abba Bail Bonds

Najar Investigations is outstanding. The Najar Investigations team draws from over two decades of public sector detective/special agent experience, including various complex state and federal criminal and administrative investigations.

Christopher C.
Special Agent, California Department of Justice

I am owed a very large sum of monies by a debtor. I had no way of finding where he is. Najar Investigations gave me a very detailed report that has helped my attorneys to manage the legal case accordingly. The work that Najar Investigations did made all the difference for me to get a judgment.

Jane U.
Chief Executive Officer, International Capital Inc.

I was accused and of a violent felony and I didn’t know where to turn. Then I found Najar Investigations. From the very beginning, Najar Investigations worked harder on my behalf than any other company that I’ve encountered in the Los Angeles County legal system. I am very happy with their service because they treat you with respect, and have the highest integrity that I have seen in the county legal system.

Peter S.
Private Citizen

Najar Investigations is who I consult and recommend to those in need of a professional, experienced organization to take care of their investigative needs. Najar Investigations is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Kent W.
Special Agent in Charge, California Department of Justice

I have used Najar Investigations for short backgrounds. I currently manage soccer leagues and need individuals to be free from unsavory criminal past. The backgrounds needs are specific by my organization as we dedicate our work with children. Their background reports have been extremely through and have identified potential liabilities. The investigators with Najar Investigations are professional, detailed, and timely in their results.

Omar B.
Owner, Soccer Connections
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