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Background Check Services

Background checks can be very helpful in a variety of cases. It can, for instance, give companies valuable information whenever they want to enter into a new business relationship with another company.


Likewise, it can provide detailed information about a potential candidate’s background when a company wants to hire a new employee. It can even provide insightful information about someone when a company or individual is embroiled in litigation.


A background check on an individual or company can include:

  • Telephone records
  • Financial records
  • Employment records
  • Property records
  • Criminal records
  • Civil litigation records
  • Internet and social media activity

Who Needs Background Check Services?


We are a professional, trustworthy, and results-focused private investigations team, and we provide our background check services in the greater California area. We provide these services to clients who need:

  • Background checks on individuals or companies. This service is typically used when individuals and companies need more information on someone they’re dealing with, whether it’s when forming a new business relationship or hiring a new employee.
  • To locate someone. It often happens that people need to find a loved one that has gone missing or when companies need to find an employee. To find them would often require information obtained from telephone records, financial records, employment records, property records, and more.
  • Child custody cases. Background checks can be extremely helpful in child custody cases where they can show whether parents are unfit or whether caregivers are suitably qualified to care for children.
  • Civil background checks. Individuals and companies can benefit from background checks during civil litigation, where they can be used to uncover vital evidence necessary to be successful.

In addition to these services, we provide a range of other background check services. For more information about our background check services, contact us for more details or to discuss the requirements.

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