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How Much Does Private Security Cost In 2022?

Are you thinking about hiring a private security guard, either for yourself or for your business? Then, this essential guide is a must-read.

One of the main things that you’ll want to figure out, before hiring private security services, is how much they cost.

The truth is that different US states have different laws that regulate the rate of private security services. Similarly, different security services have different costs.

Keep reading to find out more about how much the most popular private security services will cost you in the coming year.

Armed Security Guard

If you require your security guard to carry a weapon, then you are looking at higher costs.

Armed security officers, in fact, charge on average up to $5 more per hour than their unarmed counterparts.

In addition to this, you need to also consider their risk level as well as their location. Big cities such as New York or Los Angeles, for example, are home to armed guards who charge quite a lot more than armed guards in smaller, less dangerous locations.

Unarmed Security Guard

A security guard who doesn’t carry a weapon will generally charge you less than one who does.

While not carrying a weapon, though, these guards will still be required to wear a recognizable uniform and carry some sort of communication device.

The aim of unarmed security guards is not so much to actively prevent or deal with crime or dangerous situation, but more to deter potential criminal activity.


Do you need a bodyguard? This is one of the most expensive and personalized private security services that you can find.

Bodyguards are fully trained in security and physical protection, and generally carry a weapon. Their minimum hourly rate is around $200, but it can of course increased based on a bodyguard’s experience and the location they operate at.

Event Security Services

However big or small an event, the presence of private security services is often needed in order to maintain the order and discourage criminal activities.

These security guards are usually unarmed and are not always required to wear a uniform.

To hire this type of security services you’ll need to contact a security company and ask for a custom quote. Prices vary hugely, from a minimum of $15 to a maximum of $100 per hour.

On-Site Security Services

Do you own a boutique or luxury retail business? Then, you might benefit from hiring a private on-site security guard to protect your premises against potential theft.

In general, if you only require one security officer to stand by the door during your store’s opening hours, you are looking at around $15 to $45 per hour. These costs can increase if you need security services to be provided during the night.

The Takeaway

The cost of private security services can vary a lot, mostly depending on a security guard’s experience, the risk level of the job, and the location in which they operate.

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